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Theme Magic Solutions

We produce dynamic three-dimensional props, displays, and signage, for themed entertainment, science centers, and the play industry. Working with a variety of mediums, materials, and processes our gifted team of creative professionals has the capability of providing your venue with visually dazzling props and scenes. Collaborating with our clients, the creative team can design and build your unique themed vision from concept to completion – if you can dream it, we can make it!
Theme Magic offers Glow Magic Golf™. With the theming capabilities of Theme Magic and the expertise of our design lab and 10,000 sq ft golf manufacturing facility we can now deliver a black light minigolf product that is beyond comparison to that of our competitors.
KinderCity™ is a custom themed town or village that is suited to your requirements. With a unique villagesque style, children will pretend they are bakers, police officers, bankers or moms and dads in their own child size environment.
Theming birthday party rooms has proven to be an unforgettable and lasting impression for kid’s. Theme Magic Solutions have a selection of birthday arty rooms available.

The WinterPark™ is a Family friendly component for your facility. We have utilized a state of the art indoor ice simulated surface that skates with real ice skates and feels like real ice.'s not.
Fragzone - Laser Tag
FragZone Arenas™ are multilevel, custom design solutions to indoor Laser tag arenas. Our state of the art construction methods create true battle arena style game experiences that far outweigh any of the competition.
Theming for any type of business has proven to be one of the most effective ways to make an unforgettable and lasting impression on your clients. Theme Magic Solutions will help you achieve this.